Subscription and billing

Access to Appfarm Create and end-user applications developed using Appfarm Create requires a valid subscription to Appfarm Services (Appfarm Create and Appfarm Cloud). The details of current subscription tiers are specified in the Appfarm Subscription Fee Schedule which is available upon request.

Appfarm subscriptions are offered in four different subscription tiers: Basic, Essential, Professional, and Dedicated – each with a different set of included capabilities and resources. You can select the subscription tier that suits your requirements with the option that you can at any time change your subscription tier or purchase additional capabilities and/or resources to meet your needs.

Changing your subscription tier

Each subscription tier has a set of included platform capabilities and allocated resources. Capabilities include features such as Advanced charts and Schedules. Resources include for instance the number of apps, the number of monthly active users, and data and file storage capacity.

Over time, you may require additional capabilities and/or resources not included in your subscription tier. In this case, a series of add-ons and upgrades are available. The use of add-ons exceeding the capabilities and/or resources in your subscription tier is calculated and invoiced on a monthly basis according to the pricing schedules in your Subscription Agreement. Any downgrades within an invoicing period are credited towards future subscription fees in later invoices.

There are some cases where new capabilities and resources require an upgrade in subscription tier:

  • In the Basic subscription tier, some add-ons are not available. To access these, you must upgrade to a higher subscription tier.

  • Certain capabilities are only available on the Dedicated subscription tier and cannot be purchased as an add-on. See Dedicated tier benefits for more information.

  • Service levels, including uptime guarantees and response times, are specified per subscription tier. They cannot be purchased as an add-on.

  • Subscriptions to Appfarm Services are subject to global and subscription-tier specific usage limits and thresholds as specified in the Acceptable Use Policy.

You may upgrade to a higher subscription tier at any time. At that time, a new billing period is immediately established with the included capabilities and resources instantly available.

More details regarding subscription tiers can be found in the Appfarm Subscription Fee Schedule.


SMS messages are billed per message sent, in arrears, according to your Subscription Agreement.


You are free to cancel your Appfarm subscription at any time subject to the cancellation period specified in your Subscription Agreement. When the cancellation period expires your solution(s) will be terminated, and as a result, all applications, services, and access to Appfarm Create will become unavailable.

Appfarm may, upon request and per separate commercial arrangement, retain a backup of the solution model so you can re-subscribe to Appfarm Services at a later stage. Solution data and files are deleted upon cancellation as per the Data Processing Agreement. Appfarm can retain a copy of solution data and files for up to one year, upon request and per separate commercial arrangement.


Appfarm offers a 30% discount to students, educators, and nonprofits.

Appfarm offers discounted pricing for selected projects that qualify for the Appfarm for Startups program. To learn more and apply for the program, see Appfarm for Startups.

Price changes

Pricing for Appfarm Services is specified in your Subscription Agreement. All fees are subject to price index regulations. Please note that the pricing model and levels for new customers are subject to change.

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