Use Mapbox as a map layer

This small guide will show you how to use Mapbox as Map provider / Map Layer in any Appfarm Solution


  1. Visit Mapbox Studio at Sign up or sign in

  2. From the dashboard, click Design in Mapbox Studio

  3. Click New Style

  4. Select from a template

  5. Click Customize Basic

  6. Click Share in the top-right corner

  7. Locate section Developer resources and click Third Party

  8. In the dropdown menu, select CARTO

  9. Copy or save the integration URL

In Appfarm Create

  1. Add a new Map UI component, or find your existing Map UI component in your App.

  2. Add a new Layer to your Map

  3. Select Layer Type: Map

  4. Setting URL: Copy the integration URL (copied from Mapbox) and set this as URL of the layer.

  5. Environments Config: For each environment, do the following

  6. Section Content Security > Image Sources: Add an entry with name Mapbox and value

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