Appfarm Professional

The Learning Path for those with hands-on experience in Appfarm Create

This is the Learning Path for those with some hands-on experience in Appfarm Create, who want to take the learning further in order to get certified at the Appfarm Professional level.

The Appfarm Fundamentals Learning Path and Appfarm Fundamentals Certification is a pre-requisite to this Appfarm Professional Learning Path and corresponding Certification.

This Learning Path contains the following Modules. Each Module contains links to relevant articles, videos or examples.

Each Module covers Topics that are relevant to the Appfarm Professional Certification. The content of each Module also serves as a list of relevant topics in order to boost your knowledge from a Beginner level to a Professional level - if your goal is simply to improve your Appfarm skills and knowledge.

User Interfaces

This Module covers advanced UI components and constructions.

pageUser Interfaces

Data Structures & Data Handling

This Module covers Data Modeling and Data Structures, advanced features of App Data and handling of data.

pageData Structures & Data Handling

Logic & Flow

This Module covers various logical features as well as featured action nodes, action flow and contextual parameters.

pageLogic & Flow

Login & Configuration

This Module covers the most important configuration settings in Appfarm Create.

pageLogin & Configuration

Security & Operations

This Module covers Security concepts, Permissions & Roles and Deployment.

pageSecurity & Operations

Performance & Optimization

This Module covers Performance principles as well as how to optimize your Apps or Services in Appfarm Create.

pagePerformance & Optimization

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