Basic gauge chart

The Basic Gauge Chart displays a number value as a needle within a gauge (angular).


Basic Gauge Charts are used to show progress, performance or key business indicators in dashboard reports.


Basic Gauge Charts examples are available in our Showroom. You can view the demo, as well as access the setup in Appfarm Create. Don't have access? Register.



Define a number value to display as the needle point between Min and Max. Often a function is used to do so.

Value Label

Define a value label to override the default value label. By default, the percentage of the value between Min and Max is automatically calculated and displayed.


Define the minimum value of the gauge.


Define the maximum value of the gauge.

Number of Levels

Define the number of level indicators. By default, three levels are shown. Will be ignored, if Custom Labels is enabled.

Enable Custom Levels

Enable to define some custom level indicators.

Custom Levels

Visible when Custom Levels is enabled.

Define custom levels, which have a color and a length defined in percentage between 0% and 100%. The total length of all levels should sum up to 100%.

Level Padding

Define the padding between the levels.

Level Height

Define the height of the levels.

Level Corner Radius

Define the corner radius of the levels.

Hide Value Label

Enable to hide the value of the label.

Disable Animation

Enable to stop animation of the chart.

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