Files is a repository for static files that are required by your apps. Examples of files typically uploaded are those that rarely change, such as company logos, illustrations, and static documents.


Do not upload files with secret or sensitive content to Files.

A file uploaded to Files is publicly accessible, although you do need to know the URL to access them.

Add a new file

There are two ways to upload a file to your solution.

  • In Files, click Upload File.

  • In the UI designer, add or select an Image component. Under the Image property, select Resource File…. Click Upload File….

View and edit files

The table in Files lists all files in your solution, along with some general file information. To reveal file operations and additional details, hover over a file row in the table.

Download a file

Click the download icon to immediately download the file.

View/edit file details

Click the three-dot menu and select Edit File details. In the modal dialog that appears you can:

  • Set a Title. This is set to the filename by default.

  • Set a description. This is for internal reference only.

  • See the file's public URL. This is not typically required since you can bind resource files directly in an app, but it's shown for reference.

Delete a file

Click the three-dot menu and select Delete.

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