Add a custom domain

Every solution in Appfarm comes with a unique name and a unique URL. For example, your solution may be named ThirtyFifty Inc, having as URL to the production environment.

Appfarm also supports custom URLs for the production environment. For example, you may want to use instead.

For the above example of ThirtyFifty Inc, here are the prerequisites and steps to be followed.


  • You need access to the operator of the domain. This is normally some department or employee of ThirtyFifty Inc (but this is sometimes outsourced as well)

  • You need either a dedicated subdomain (such as or the root domain (such as to be pointed towards the domain. You cannot point a URL such as the domain, when is already being used for the main website. In this case, you will need to create a subdomain

  • You may only have 1 custom domain, and that domain must point to the root appfarm domain. Example: You cannot point to a subdirectory such as See explaination in Comments.


  1. By the Customer (technical operator of Create a subdomain such as (the name "portal" may be something else also). CNAME records of must be mapped to

  2. By Appfarm: Let Appfarm know when step 1 is done, and we will complete the setup on our side.


  • Note that both the domain and the new custom domain will work after a new custom domain has been configured.

  • The reason why you cannon map directly to the App (i.e. subdirectory), is that the CNAME mapping translates to an IP address (that targets the root

  • Example: You want custom domain to point directly to the app "My Page" and another domain to point to the app "Admin". Due to the reason explained in the previous point, that is not possible. The solution is to have a single custom domain, for example (pointing towards That would result in the following directlinks to the apps: and

  • If you distribute the URL to your users - the users will remain in this domain while using the App. Also, if your App makes use of App Variables.Hostname, the value of this variable will be the current hostname ( The new domain is the default domain for Services (which may also use Service Variables.Hostname for constructing URLs if used for sending emails).

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