Service Endpoints

A Service Endpoint defines an interface for interacting with a service. Endpoints are designed to receive a request and return a response.

Service Endpoints can be used when a third-party system wants to integrate towards Appfarm. Please read more here.


To add an endpoint to a service:

  • Open the service.

  • Click the + icon in the Service Endpoints panel.

  • Enter a name for the endpoint.

To see and test and all endpoints in your solution open the API explorer.

To call an endpoint from an external service, including tools like Postman, construct an endpoint URL as follows: https://SOLUTION-HOSTNAME/api/services/SERVICE-ALIAS-SLUG/READABLE-ID.

When you create an endpoint, not all properties will be relevant. The properties you need will be dependent on the use case you are designing the endpoint for.

If you are receiving data from an external service (POST), the properties under Request data will be most relevant, as these are used to parse and map the data being sent.

If you are receiving queries from an external service (GET), both Request data and Response data will be required.

If you are running the endpoint to process or send data on a schedule (GET), Process action might be the only property you need.

Endpoints can be set to be executed asynchronously. For example, if the action performed is time-consuming (such as syncing large amounts of data), the service should return an OK response immediately, along with a Job ID.

General properties

Request data

These properties enable you to parse and map data sent as part of a request to the Endpoint.

Response data

These properties enable you to configure the headers and data sent in the response.

Data processing


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