Menu list

The UI component Menu List allows you to easily set up a vertical 1-level menu. You may add List Items (e.g. "My Orders"), Subheaders and Dividers to this List. List Items are clickable, and may perform navigational actions on click.

You may see an example setup of a Menu List in the left menu of the UI Components App in our Showroom! You try the Menu List, as well as access the setup in Appfarm Create. If you do not have access, you may register here.


Here are some of the properties in Appfarm Create which are custom for a Menu List:

List Items

These are the entries in the Menu List. 3 different types exist:

  • List Item: A clickable item with a title, such as "My Orders".

  • Subheader: A static text, serving as a title or grouping of subsequent list items.

  • Divider: A horizontal line, serving as a divider between logical distinct sections of the menu.

Visual Type

Only applicable for List Items. Here you can choose what will your list items be sorted by visually. The options are:

  • Icon: A static icon - will be used as the fallback if Icon Value is defined but does not provide a value; Icon Value - a dynamic icon defined by an ENUM value. Will fallback to Icon (if defined), if the ENUM value does not provide an icon.

  • Avatar: An avatar at the beginning of each list item/row. It enables data binding to an Image property, as well as setting up an Avatar Background Color.

Primary Text

Only applicable for List Items. This is the title of the menu item.

Secondary Text

Only applicable for List Items. This is an optional subtitle displayed below the Primary Text. Usually a category or a description, with less importance and not in focus.

Action Type

Only applicable for List Items. If we want an implemented functionality of one of the already existing components. The options are:

  • Action Button: A button selecting and highlighting the list item when clicked;

  • Checkbox: A built-in Checkbox UI component;

  • Switch: A built-in Switch UI component;

  • Toggle Button: An Icon Button that toggles a value of a property (most likely a Boolean or an ENUM).


Only applicable for List Items. The item will be highlighted (the menu item will be visually marked as active/selected) when the condition defined is true.


Only applicable for List Items, or for the whole Menu List. Compact vertical padding will be used for the list item. You may also apply this setting to the whole Menu List.

Insert Text

The text will be indented.

Insert Divider

Only applicable for List Items. The divider line will be shortened and displayed in the length of the list item text.

Enable Divider

Only applicable for List Items. Render a divider line between list items.

On Click

Select an action to run when the List Item is clicked. For example, an action that navigates to a specific view.

Disable Padding

Vertical padding will be removed from the whole Menu List.

Disable Gutters

The left and right padding is removed from the whole Menu List

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