Login and Authentication

Appfarm comes with a built-in Login page and Authentication options, as well as the possibility to configure your own login and sign-up pages, as well as adding third-party Authentication options (such as Azure AD).

This topic is all about these possibilities.

Login Configuration

Login configuration is done from the Login menu in Appfarm Create. You may read more on the settings and possibilities below.


Third-party Authentication / Custom Auth Providers

Appfarm supports third-party authentication by integrating with authentication providers using OAuth 2.0. You may read about the setup as well as a step-by-step guide on a few use cases (such as Azure AD) below.


Custom Login App

You may implement your own login app using an Unauthenticated App in combination with the Action Node Auth Operations. Auth Operations are used for the built-in login methods, whereas you may use the Open URL action node for logging in with custom login methods (see the URL defined here).

You may also redirect users to this App by default when they are not logged in, using the Default App setting in Environment Config.

Custom Login Apps may also be a combined Self Sign-Up and Login app. You have full flexibility to define the functionality and design of this App.

For a multi-tenant solution, you may even offer different login pages per tenant, by using URL parameters (one parameter per tenant) or different Views per tenant - and distribute a unique URL for login to each tenant.

Example in Showroom:

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