Dedicated tier benefits

The Dedicated subscription tier provides dedicated database infrastructure in the Appfarm Cloud, as well as a top-level service availability guarantee, the lowest incident response time, and access to all support channels.

As with all Appfarm subscription tiers, Appfarm hosts and continuously monitors the Solution(s) to ensure they are healthy and up-to-date. However, Solution(s) on a Dedicated tier are hosted on dedicated database infrastructure isolated from other customer's Solutions, providing higher reliability, scalability, and customization.

The Dedicated tier includes all key platform capabilities and high resource allocation including unlimited apps, 400 active monthly users, and 10x storage capacity and API requests compared to the Essential tier. The Dedicated tier also includes two Solutions in the base subscription fee. Additional Solutions can be added for a fixed fee, and these share the platform capabilities and resources of the existing solutions.


When sharing database infrastructure, there’s always a risk that another customer Solution overloads the allocated resources resulting in a server outage. Although Appfarm has built-in protection against such events, it is impossible to foresee or protect against all potential events.

The Dedicated tier isolates you against most Appfarm infrastructure issues. The biggest impacts to Solutions on the Dedicated tier are the frequency of jobs on the server and how active the users are.

Scalability and customization

On the Dedicated tier, Appfarm can quickly add more capacity to your dedicated cluster to handle increased demand. Furthermore, you can define (without any additional cost) your own backup routines. Other tiers are backed up according to Appfarm's Backup Policy.

The Dedicated tier also offers the possibility to customize a unique infrastructure configuration with regard to server setup, including the CPU and memory profiles of the virtual machines. Appfarm's standard profiles have been tuned with experience over time so it’s extremely rare we see use cases that require unique configurations, but this is an option to handle unique application usage patterns that require a specialized setup.

Support and service level

With the Dedicated tier, Appfarm offers the highest level SLA and an uptime guarantee of 99.90%. This includes the shortest possible response times in the event of an issue, a dedicated Service Manager, and access to all Appfarm support channels. A specialized SLA can also be negotiated.

Appfarm is responsible for hosting, maintenance, and supervision of the technical infrastructure of all Solutions. Our uptime guarantee covers circumstances within Appfarm's control (planned maintenance or scheduled downtime excluded). On the Dedicated tier, Appfarm guarantees an uptime of 99.9 % within a calendar month.

Appfarm undertakes to initiate action to correct software malfunctions and errors covered by the Appfarm warranty (set out in the Software Service Agreement) upon request from the customer. Upon receipt of notification from the customer, Appfarm will initiate work based on a priority schedule system depending on severity and subscription tier. On the Dedicated tier, the customer will have the lowest response time for incidents, with 4 hours maximum for severe issues (service unavailability). In addition, the customer will have access to all response channels: community support, email, Slack / chat-based channel, and a dedicated Service Manager (phone- or email-based contact).

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