Auth operations

Run user authentication operations as part of a custom login flow.

Note that user authentication is a built-in, customizable Appfarm feature available in all solutions. You should only use the Auth operations action node if you need to create and manage a fully-custom login experience.

Alpha feature

Alpha features are subject to change. If a change is made, some properties may be lost. The behavior of an alpha feature may change when Appfarm Create is updated, but it will not crash your solution.


An example custom sign up/login app is available in our Showroom. You can view the demos, as well as access the setup in Appfarm Create. Don't have access? Register.



Select the auth operation to run. The options are:

  • Login with Google Use Google for login

  • Password login Process a login using an email and password.

  • Request login link Send a login link to the email provided.

  • Request onetime pin Send a onetime pin to the email provided.

  • Onetime pin use Process a login using a onetime pin value.

  • Renew Access Token When custom login is used, you may use this option to renew the access token for the users. The Auth Operation for Renew Access Token will throw an error if no access token is registered on the user, or it the refresh token is not present.

The following properties are dependent on the operation chosen.

Redirect URL

Specify the URL the user should be redirected to, after successfully logging in.

Redirect to the initial path

Select to redirect the user to the URL they initially navigated to, after successfully logging in.


If the Password login operation is selected, specify the email address provided by the user.

Otherwise, specify the email address to send a login link or onetime pin.


Specify the password provided by the user for an Password login operation.

Onetime pin

Specify the onetime pin (Integer) provided by the user for a Onetime pin use operation.

Error message

If the auth operation fails an error message will be generated.

Specify a property (String) to store the error message.

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