You can upload custom fonts for use in themes, and build apps aligned to your brand.

  • Supported font formats are TTF, OTF and WOFF/WOFF2.

  • You must be licensed to upload the font and embed it in your app.

  • Fonts are identified and grouped by font family.

  • To use a custom font in an app you need to first add the font family to a theme.

Add a new font

You can upload one or more font files at a time. After selecting the file(s) you are shown a list where you can confirm or edit the font family, font weight, and font style that is represented in a given file.

You must confirm that you have permission to use the fonts according to the font's license agreement(s).

You can additional fonts featuring other weights and styles later. Verify that the name of the font family is the same as any existing fonts uploaded for that family to ensure that they are grouped together.

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