Frequently asked questions about the Appfarm platform.

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Why should I choose Appfarm for my project?

Appfarm enables you to launch your applications faster, with higher quality, and lower cost. All without leaving a trail of technical debt.

Can I integrate with external applications?

Yes. Integrations are a core part of the Appfarm platform. We have customer applications that integrate directly with the likes of 24SevenOffice and Signicat, as well as internal systems.

Can you build my app for me?

We have several trusted partners with extensive experience building apps with Appfarm. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements from appfarm.io

Does Appfarm scale?

Yes. Appfarm is hosted on enterprise-grade cloud platforms with scalable resources. We have customers that serve high volumes of active users and process large datasets.

How do you ensure platform security?

Appfarm enforces security at several levels for both platform and client access. Please refer to the Security overview for a breakdown.

Where is my data stored?

Appfarm stores data in data centers located in the European Union.

Can I build native apps with Appfarm?

No, it is not possible to build native apps for iOS or Android with Appfarm. Instead, Appfarm support Progressive Web Apps (PWA) which enable painless cross-platform distribution and support much of the same functionality that is required for business applications. However, there exist several PWA wrappers that let you make PWAs into native applications, thereby enabling you to publish the app to App Store/Play Store.

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