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Farmer's Market

Browse pre-built apps, themes, and custom UI components and add them to your solution.
Farmer's Market is a resource containing pre-built apps, themes, and custom UI components that you can add directly to your solution and apps.
A screenshot of the Apps view in Farmer's Market.
Apps in Farmer's Market


Launch and browse Farmer's Market from:
  • The Rocket menu
  • Apps > New App
  • Themes > Browse Market
  • UI Components > Browse Market
All the items available are free to use and are fully-customizable.


Apps range from boilerplates to fully-functional apps with a UI, actions, data sources, and a data model. If a data model is included, the object classes are tagged with the name of the app. When an app is added from Farmer's Market, the accompanying theme is also added to your solution.
If you later delete the app, the object classes and theme will remain your solution and must be deleted separately.


Themes include a color palette, corner styles, and typography settings.

UI components

UI components in Farmer's Market consist of entire views, dialogs, and drawers, as well as smaller components based on containers. They are built using the standard library of UI components.
To add a custom UI component to an app from Farmer's Market you must be in the UI designer. If the UI component is based on a container, it will be inserted immediately below the current selection.