Run service

The Run service action node calls a service endpoint from within an app or from another service.


This action node is useful in the following cases:

  • When logic should be shared across apps within a solution. The logic can be maintained in services and called from any app using Run service.

  • When a service requires another service to run, for example if an access token for an external API needs to be refreshed.

  • When it is not desirable to grant certain object class permissions to a client user but they need the ability to trigger a modification in the database. Using the Run as Service Account property, the service can be called by the selected service account and will then run under the permissions granted to that account. A reference to the client user can be included in the call to make a change in the context of that user. The client user must have a role with the permission Act as Service Account > SERVICE_ACCOUNT.

  • If you are utilizing Run service from an Unauthenticated App, you need to apply the Service Security setting Unauthenticated Access.

Good to know

Run service only supports endpoints that have the GET method selected. If an endpoint has query parameters, you can set or bind values for each parameter in Run service.

If you need to post data to a service, you should instead configure a web request that points to the endpoint URL.



Run Asynchronous

Immediately proceed to the next action node instead of waiting for this action node to complete. The action node will succeed even if the service fails. Use this option if the service takes a long time and blocks render operations. Do not use this option if the action nodes that follow depend on changes made inside the service.


Select the service containing the endpoint the action node will call.


Select the endpoint the action node will call.

Run as Service Account

Select a service account to run the service on behalf of the user. The user triggering the action must have the necessary permissions to act as the service account and the service account must have the permissions to run the service and access and manipulate the relevant data.

Use App Time Zone

Call the endpoint using the app's time zone and override the default time zone set under Service settings.


Available if the endpoint has query parameters. Set values for any query parameters.

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