Featured Action Nodes

This Topic features some important and powerful Action Nodes. Many Action Nodes could be featured, but in this Topic we focus on those we find most useful for many use cases, and that could require some examples in order for you to see the possibilities or to make them work as intended.

Update Object

Update Object is used for updating properties of Data Sources or App Variables. You may use Update Object to update a single Object, or to batch update multiple objects.

We recommend reading our documentation on Batch Update found here.

Read Objects

When using Database Connected Data Sources, you do not need to use Read Objects, since the data is automatically read.

But in many cases, you may want to e.g. read data into a Runtime Only data source.

Read Objects allows you to read from another Data Source, or from the Database directly.

We recommend reading our documentation found here if you are unfamiliar with these concepts, or if you want to understand the settings of the Read Objects Action Node.

Open Confirm Dialog

Open Confirm Dialog is an Action Node that offers a built-in (modal) dialog for prompting the user. It is typically used for collecting confirmation from the user before e.g. some data is to be deleted (non-reversible operations).

Import Data

You may import data from CSV files using the Import Data Action Node.

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