Install an app on a device

An app built using Appfarm Create is a Progressive Web Apps (PWA). A PWA can be installed on phones, tablets, and computers and used in much the same way as a native app, without having to download it from an app store and keep it updated.

In most cases, if the user has an authenticated session in an app in their browser before installing it on their device, this session will be copied over to the installed app so the user does not have to log in again.

Good to know

The UI for installing a PWA differs based on the browser and operating system in use.

  1. In Google Chrome, open the Appfarm app that you want to install as a web app.

  2. Tap the "three-dot" icon and choose Add to Home screen or Install app.

  3. Follow the instructions to install the app and add an icon to the home screen.

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