Set selection

The Set selection action node selects or unselects an object in a data source, updating the Is Selected and Is Not Selected object properties. Set selection can be applied to one or many objects in a single run.


This action node is used to control which objects are selected in a particular data source. Selected objects can be used to track user selection of objects from the UI and/or to track which objects a specific action node should operate on. To learn more about the concept of selected objects, see the section Object selection under Objects.

For operations on large data sources where the result is not immediately required, the action node can be run asynchronously.



Operation Type

Apply the chosen select operation to the object(s).

  • Select

  • Unselect

  • Toggle selection (objects which are selected will become unselected and vice versa)

Selection Type

Define the objects on which to perform the operation.

  • Object in context

  • First

  • Last

  • Next object

  • Previous object

  • All

  • None

  • Filtered selection

Data Source

Available for all Selection Type options except Object in context. Select the data source containing the objects.


Available when Selection Type is Filtered selection. Define the filter to apply to the data source.

Keep Existing Selection

Available when Operation Type is Select and Selection Type is Object in context or Filtered selection. Retain any existing selection on other objects in the data source.

Run Asynchronous

Immediately proceed to the next action node instead of waiting for the result and run the selection operation in parallel. The action node will succeed even if the selection operation fails. Use this option if the selection takes a long time and blocks render operations. Do not use this option if the action nodes that follow depend on the result of the selection.

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