Delete objects

The Delete objects action node deletes objects from the database or removes objects from a runtime-only data source.


This action node is used in two different contexts and the behavior has an important difference.

  1. When used with a database-connected data source, the object(s) are permanently deleted from the database. Any delete rules configured on object class properties will be enforced.

  2. When used with a runtime-only data source, the object(s) are removed from the data source. The database is not affected and delete rules are not enforced.

Best practice

When deleting an object you should have the user confirm the action, for example by placing the Delete objects action node inside an Open confirm dialog action node.



Data Source

Select a data source that contains the object(s) to delete/remove.


Available if the selected Data Source is a many-cardinality data source. Define the objects to delete/remove.

  • All objects

  • Filtered selection


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