How Appfarm protects personal data

At Appfarm, data protection is at the core of our values and practices. We understand that our users entrust us with their personal information, and we take this responsibility seriously.

Within our normal business operations, Appfarm acts both as a data controller and data processor, depending on the context of the business relationship. For our clients purchasing Appfarm Services (i.e., Appfarm Create and the Appfarm Platform), we have the role of a data processor managing personal data on behalf of our clients. In most other cases, we interact with individuals as data controller (please see Appfarm’s Privacy Policy).

You can contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO) via

To demonstrate our commitment to data protection, we have implemented a comprehensive set of measures:

Robust security

We employ state-of-the-art security measures to safeguard user data from unauthorized access, breaches, and cyber threats. Our systems are designed with advanced encryption techniques and multi-layered security protocols.

White papers regarding platform security and security operations are available on demand. Contact our DPO.

Transparent practices

We are committed to transparency. Our privacy policy outlines in clear and understandable terms how we collect, process, and store personal data when we act as a data controller. We provide users with complete information about their rights and how they can exercise control over their data.

We always seek explicit consent from our users before collecting any personal information. Users can choose what data they share and how it's used.

Data minimization

We follow the principle of collecting only the necessary data for our services. We do not retain user data for longer than required, and we regularly review our data retention practices.

User control

Our users have control over their data. For all questions regarding access to your data, changes, and data deletion, contact our DPO.

Regular audits and assessments

Our data protection practices undergo regular internal audits and assessments to ensure they comply with the latest standards and regulations.

Employee training

We invest in educating our employees about data protection and privacy. Our staff is trained to handle data responsibly and securely.

Partnership with compliance experts

We work with legal and compliance experts to ensure our practices align with the latest data protection laws and regulations.

GDPR-compliant business partners

Our business partners and other sub-processors maintain the same high standard regarding data privacy as we do ourselves.

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