Appfarm Create has a comprehensive toolbox for delivering everything from simple web forms to complex multi-user business applications.

Learning Appfarm can be done in multiple ways. Some people want to really learn Appfarm Create, with the purpose of becoming a skilled Appfarm Developer. Others just want to explore.

This article collects 3 paths to quickly get started with Appfarm, depending on your time, purpose and preferences!

Speed intro

Get started with Appfarm Create in 3 minutes!

Speed intro

Step-by-step guide

Create your first App following our step-by-step guide for setting up a Task manager application.

Step-by-step guide

Take our intro course

Follow our video-based Appfarm Appcademy Intro Course. Approximately 90 minutes of videos, and a series of assignments to be done. This intro course normally requires 4-12 (well-spent) hours of effort. Click the page link below for more info.

Intro Course

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