Integration Fundamentals

Fundamentals level Module in Integrations

This Module covers the basic use cases for integrating with external systems, using the Action Node Web Request. Web Request is used for integrations, and you may use it to push data to an external endpoint (POST/PUT requests) or get data from an external endpoint (GET request).

The Web Request Action Node may be used both from Apps or from Services. E.g. you may have an App with a Button for looking up a company organization number from an external endpoint, or you may have a Service that runs nightly for fetching all new/modified customers from an external endpoint (and saves them). Both of these scenarios use the Web Request action node, and the technical setup is in general the same - regardless of whether the Web Request is triggered from an App or a Service.

Topics in this Module

pageThe web request action nodepageFetch data from an endpointpageMap data to a data sourcepageModify the responsepageNested data mappingpageAuthenticationpageSend data to an endpoint

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