View container

A View Container is used for plugging in other views inside a view.

A full example setup of a View Container is available in our Showroom! You may view a demo, as well as access the setup in Appfarm Create. If you do not have access, you may register here.

A View Container might be used when you want to reuse a user interface across other user interfaces. E.g. when you have multiple views listing Orders, and would like to use the same preview pane for "order" across these views



Used to set how the visual transition when navigating between the views of the View Container should appear.

  • None: Default transition. No transition animation will occur.

  • Fade: Fades out the previous view, and fades in the new.

  • Slide: Sideways slide animation. The slide direction follows the order of the views added to the View Container

  • Zoom: Zoom in on the next view.


Add one or more views to be visible in the View Container.


You may set conditions on which of the views should be visible or not, instead of letting the URL Path.Sub View control which view to display.

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