Control under which circumstances an Action Node or a set of nodes should be executed. You may add conditions to the IF node, and you may add Action Nodes as children of the IF node. If the condition is evaluated as true, all Action Nodes inside will trigger. You may also add IF nodes inside another IF node, for more complex evaluation or control of the Action flow.

The If action node requires only a Condition to be set up.

  • Data Binding: Select a property (must be a boolean type property) holding TRUE or FALSE. The If will evaluate to TRUE depending on the property you select for Data Binding.

  • Condition: Use the Condition Editor to set up a logical expression. The If will evaluate to TRUE is this expression evaluates to TRUE.

  • Function: Use the Function Editor to set up an advanced expression. You may use Javascript inside the Function Editor. The function must return either TRUE or FALSE.

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