Set user account image

The Set user account image action node triggers a file upload dialog for a user to add or update their own profile image.


This action node is useful when you would like client users to upload their own profile images. You can then display user avatars in the UI, for example to show a picture of the user who is responsible for a specific customer or project.

The URL of the image is stored in the Profile Image property of their User object. When an image has been uploaded, the Profile Image Exists property on their User object will be true.

Once an image is uploaded, the User object is immediately updated in the database. It is not necessary to persist any changes.


  • A user does not require any special permissions to update their own profile image.

  • The appropriate user account manipulation properties must be enabled for the relevant environment.



Clear Image

Do not trigger the file upload dialog and instead clear the existing image. The Profile Image Exists property on the User object will become false.

Throw Cancel Exception

Throw a exception if the user cancels the file upload dialog and does not upload an image. The exception can be caught using a Catch exception action node.

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