API explorer

The API explorer is a user interface for the documentation and testing of services based on Swagger UI.


For the API explorer to run in a given environment, the Enable API Explorer checkbox must be selected in the Environment configuration.

There are several ways to access the API explorer:

  • Visit the URL https://SOLUTION-HOSTNAME/api/services/. Note that the solution hostname is environment specific.

  • Under Global Data Model, click Explore API and click the relevant environment.

  • Under Services, click API Explorer for the relevant environment.

Access to the API explorer is authenticated and requires a role with client access to that specific environment.


All endpoints are grouped by service. By expanding an endpoint you can view its details and parameters. Click Try it out to enable the parameter input fields and reveal an Execute button. Clicking Execute will call the endpoint with the specified parameters and reveal the response.

Note that when you execute a service from the API explorer, the service is run by your user with the corresponding role(s). This means that during testing you will often have have full access to all object classes and services. When a service is triggered by an external service or a schedule, a service account is used. If a service works for you, but not when called by an external service or schedule, make sure the service account has sufficient permissions.

You will also see an additional endpoint for each service called Service Status. This built-in endpoint can be called to identify if the endpoints are configured and functioning without errors.

If you use a tool like Postman or need to share details of your API with an external party, you can download an OpenAPI specification of your services. The specification can be downloaded at https://SOLUTION-HOSTNAME.appfarm.app/api/services/openapi.json.

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