Service health

Service Health provides an overview of errors and warnings in your Service as well as useful tips to improve performance. With one click, Appfarm Create analyzes your Service and generates a list of items for you to review. Run Service Health by clicking the heart icon in the toolbar when you're working inside a Service.

The messages shown in Service Health include:

  • Required properties that have no value

  • Functions that don't return a value

  • Functions with parameters that are not in use

  • Service Variables that are not in use

  • Data Sources that are not in use

  • Data Source properties that are not in use

  • Data Sources that have "Read All Objects" checked

  • Actions that are not in use

  • Actions that are empty

We recommend using Service Health actively while developing, and it should be reviewed before deploying to Production. In some cases the warnings can be ignored, for example if you must read all objects from a data source, but it's generally advised to address the issues flagged.

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