Change the active language

By default an app will display the text and apply the formatting settings for the default language. To set a different language you need to run an action, either automatically or triggered by the user, that contains the Set client language action node. The selected language is stored in the built-in App variable Active Language.

Step 1

Add a Select component to the UI with Value bound to App Variables.Active Language. In the app, the drop-down list will be populated with the languages that you have added to your solution and the active language will be selected.

Step 2

Use the On Value Change event handler of the Select component to run a new action. In that action, add the Set client language action node. Set the Language from data property to App Variables.Active Language. Now, when a new selection is made from the drop-down in the UI, the active language will be applied to the app for that user.

Note that this configuration will not store the user's selection for future sessions. To do that, you might want to store their preference in an object attached to their user. Then, you can run an action using the On app load event handler with Set client language and Language from data bound to the object class property where you have the preference stored.

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