Multi select

The Multi Select allows the user to perform a selection of zero to many entries in a droplist. Its functionality is essentially the same as the Select component, but the user can select more than one object.

A full example setup on Multi Select is available in our Showroom. You may view a demo, as well as access the setup in Appfarm Create. If you do not have access, you may register on Showroom Signup.


Selection Type

The Multi select component has two selection types - Basic and Property.

  • Property allows the user to choose an entry from a list of options, and the option selected is stored in a Many-cardinality (multi-reference) property or variable (defined by the Value setting). Example: A droplist where you select the Tagsfor a Person. The Value is Person.Tags (multi-reference). The options are the Tags data source.

  • Basic allows the user to select one or many entries from a list of options, and when an entry is selected, that entry is marked as selected in the data source holding the options. Example: A data source Projects holds all projects you have access to. When selecting two Projects in the list, those projects are marked as selected. This is useful when you have a UI that displays information about the selected Projects, and for example, if you have a Tasks data source that is filtered towards the selected Projects.


Select the Data Source that holds the options that the user can choose from.

Display Value

Select which property of the Data Source (selected as Option) that should be displayed for the options of the Multi Select.


If you do not want all entries of the Data Source to be selectable, you may apply a filter here to limit the rows of the Multi Select.

Conditional Filter

You may also choose to have a dynamic filter on the Data Source, that is applied given certain conditions.


If the list of options is long, you should consider checking this setting. It allows for searching the options of the Multi Select.


Select a value to assign an error state to the component.

Event Handlers

Event Handlers can detect a specific event occurring in Appfarm Create and can link these events to actions. Three Event Handlers are available for the Multi select component:

On Value Change: This Event Handler will run an action when a change is detected in the data source bound to the component. For example, if the data input changes from false to true, or vice versa, a specific action can be performed.

On Open: Specify an action to run when the droplist is opened.

On Close: Specify an action to run when the droplist is closed.

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