Sort objects

The Sort objects action node updates the order of objects in a data source, either randomly or according to one or more sorting rules.


This action node is used to control sorting of a data source at runtime. Unlike sorting applied directly on a data source which is constantly evaluated, sorting with this action node is only applied when the action node is run.

This behavior is useful when you want to enable client users to sort data from the UI. You can configure default sorting triggered by the On app load event, and implement sorting operations in the app's UI and actions.

Good to know

Sorting applied directly on a data source can not be used on conjunction with the Sort objects action node.



Data Source

The data source on which to apply the sort.

Random Sort

Apply a random sorting algorithm (the Fisher-Yates shuffle). Cannot be used in conjunction with rules specified under Sorting.



Apply one or more sorting rules to the data source. If multiple rules are added, they will be applied from the top down.


Sort Field

An object class property to sort on.

Sort Order

Whether the sort should be ascending or descending. Ascending will sort numbers from smallest to largest and strings from A–Z. Descending will sort in the opposite direction.

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