Data Features

This module covers some important features and concepts related to App Data, Data Sources and Global Data Model.

App Data

Client Filters

Add one or more filters to a Database Connected Data Source, that can be enabled or disabled runtime.


Data Source Object Properties & Object State

Data Source Object Properties are built-in properties available for each object the data source. You should be familiar with these properties, as well as the Object State properties of Runtime Only Data Sources.


Data Connectors

Data Connectors are special types of Data Sources. They may not contain data (i.e. you cannot read data into them), but you may do Create, Update or Delete directly towards the database through Data Connector Data Sources.


Calendar Data Sources

Calendar Data Sources are special types of Data Sources that will populate a list of hours, days, weeks, months etc. between two dates when the App loads. This is very handy for calendar-related UI and logic.


URL Path

A built-in Data Source exists in all Apps: URL Path. Learn what it is, and how to use it.


Showroom example:

Global Data Model

Boolean Labels

Useful for giving a meaningful name to Object Class Properties of boolean data type.

Article and video:

Many-to-many relationships

Many-to-many relationships define the relationship between two Object Classes, where either Object Class may have multiple relations to each other.


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