Update secret

The Update secret action node saves a new value in a secret. It is only available for services.


This action node is used to update a secret via a service. A common use case includes refreshing access tokens which are used for authorization in web requests to external APIs.

For a secret to be updated from a service it must be:

  • Environment specific.

  • Not locked.

In addition, the user or service account that runs the service containing this action node must have a role that has been granted the permission Update Secret from Service > SECRET_NAME.


For a walkthrough of creating a service to update a secret, see How to update an OAuth 2.0 access token from a service.




Select a secret to update. The secret must be environment specific and not locked. The user or service account triggering the service must have permission to update this secret.


Bind a value to set. The value will be set for the environment that the service is run in.

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