Logical Concepts

When creating Actions and adding logic to your User Interfaces (Visibility/Read-Only/Styling conditions, Event Handlers), a few important concepts exist in addition to the well-known Condition Editor, Function Editor and Actions.

Value Processors

The Value Processor is a tool for simple data manipulation and formatting operations that are run client-side. For example, add 1 to an integer App Variable, or invert a boolean property.


Advanced Functions

The Function Editor allows you to write Javascript. Although Javascript is not a required skillset, you should be familiar with a few important functions - such as creating concatenated strings and aggregation of data from an array.



Markdown is a syntax for formatting plain text with basic formatting. It requires some simple syntax, and Markdown interpretation may be enabled a few places (see the article below).



Timers allow an action to be executed client-side on a schedule, e.g. every second. It can be used for creating automatic carousels or other dynamic behaviour.

Timers are defined in the App Settings.


Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts may be defined per view. In other words, Actions may be executed when the user navigates with arrows or enters the Delete key on the keyboard.


Offline support

Appfarm comes with support for creating offline apps. In other words, Apps that work and operate in offline environments.

In the Appfarm Professional learning path, we do not require full knowledge of this topic, but you should be familiar with the Rules and Settings section of the below article.


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