Appfarm Create

The Appfarm Create user interface consists of a collection of menus, toolbars, panes, lists, and editors. This overview is to help you become familiar with the names we use for these elements as they are used throughout the documentation.

1. Top-left menu

A menu for accessing Appfarm Commander, available keyboard shortcuts, setting user preferences and accessing information about Appfarm Create.

2. Solution menu

If you have access to multiple solutions, you can use the solution menu to switch between them. Otherwise, the name of your solution will be shown.

3. App menu

A menu to switch between the apps in your solution. A similar menu is available for services.

4. Main menu

The primary menu used to navigate around a solution.

5. Tabs submenu

Contextual tabs for navigation within the active section, for example within apps, services, or permissions. For the above screenshot, where the Apps section is selected from the main manu, the submenu contains the tabs UI, Data and Actions.

6-8. Workspace

Section 6, 7 and 8 is dependent on the main manu. In this example (the Apps workspace, submenu UI), we have the following sections

6) UI Components: List of all available UI building blocks

7) Tree view: List of all views, dialogs and drawers, with a tree-view of the UI Components of each of them.

8) UI Designer: This is where you design a view, dialog or drawer visually.

9. Properties pane

A dedicated area containing the properties of the selected component, action node, or other customizable element. In the above example, we see the properties for the UI Component Table.

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