Intro Course

The first module of the Appfarm Fundamentals learning path, helping you get started with Appfarm Create.
Welcome to the Appfarm Fundamentals Intro Course!
This is an interactive, self-paced course to help you learn how to build apps in Appfarm Create. The course includes a combination of instructive videos and assignments for you to complete in your own Appcademy solution inside Appfarm Create. You may view the videos without access to Appfarm Create, but to complete the Assignments, you need to have signed up for our Intro Course!

Step 1: Log in to Appfarm Create

Log in to Appfarm Create ( with your email address.
You should see Appcademy <number> in the top-left corner. This is your own solution where you can explore and complete practical assignments.
Keep Appfarm Create open, and continue to step 2.

Step 2: Watch videos and complete assignments

The Intro Course is split into two parts:
Part 1 - General Introduction (videos 1–8) provides a high-level, theoretical overview of Appfarm Create.
Part 2 - Practical Walkthrough (videos 9–17) provides a guide to various features to help you complete a series of assignments. The assignments should be completed in Appfarm Create, in your Appcademy solution.
Your Appcademy solution contains 2 apps:
  1. 1.
    My projects: This app is 50% complete and this is where you will perform the hands-on assignments.
  2. 2.
    My projects (COMPLETE VERSION): This completed app can be used to see how we solved the assignments and what the finished app could look like.

Step 3: Take the quiz

Finally, there is a multiple choice quiz where you can test your knowledge of Appfarm Create.

Next steps

You are now ready to start experimenting and building your own apps! Feel free to create new apps in your solution. Your Appcademy solution is just like any other Appfarm solution and can be used to build whatever you'd like. Please note however, that the access period to this training solution is limited.

Complete the Appfarm Fundamentals learning path

The Intro Course is the first module in our Appfarm Fundamentals learning path.
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Get certified

We offer a certification targeted at developers who have finished the Appfarm Fundamentals learning path. Please visit for more information and to sign up for the exam.