Open URL

The Open URL Action Node can be used to

  • Opening external URLs / links

  • Opening another App / internal URL

  • Downloading files

Apply the URL in setting URL. Optionally, you may add parameters to the URL using the Query Parameters. Normally, you would also tick the option Open in new window when opening external URLs.

Open another App

In this case, you may refer to the App URL without a full hostname in the URL. For example, when opening another app with a readable ID company-administration, you may simply set the URL setting to /company-administration. The normal case for such navigation is to open in the same window, in other words, do not tick the Open in new window.

Download files

In this case, you have a Data Source containing a file (document or image) you want to download. All File Object Classes in Appfarm have a built-in property File Content. As you may have noticed, the Data Type of this property is an Internet URL. In the Open URL action node, you may simply data-bind to File Content property of your Data Source to the URL setting. You would typically tick the Open in new window, but in most browsers, it will just download the file regardless of this setting.

Login with custom authentication

Open URL may also be used when you want to log in with an external identify provider. Having a Custom Auth Provider added in Appfarm Create, and you may use the URL found in the blue dot of the Hide Login Button setting. This is explained here.

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