Duplicate objects

The Duplicate objects action node creates copies of objects and stores them in a runtime-only data source.


This action node is used when there is an existing object containing data and that data needs to be copied into a new object.

Each time an object is duplicated, a new object is created with a new ID and the appropriate Created Date and Created By values. All other object class properties values are copied to the new object, but each can be overridden. The object being duplicated is available as the object in context.


Your app is used to manage projects and you'd like to be able to easily create a new project by copying an existing project.

Use Duplicate objects to create a new project object in a runtime-only data source based on the selected existing project. Under Values for override, set any values that should be specific to this new project, such as the project number.

To store the new project in the database, use Persist objects.



Data Source

Select a runtime-only data source to store the newly created duplicate object(s).

Replace Existing Objects

Remove any existing objects in the selected Data Source before the new objects are created.

Set Selected

Available if the selected Data Source is a many-cardinality data source. Set the newly created objects as selected.

From Data Source

Select the data source containing the original object(s) to duplicate.


Available if the selected Data Source is a many-cardinality data source. Define the objects to duplicate.


Available when Selection is Filtered selection. Define the filter to apply to the data source.


Available for all Selection options except Object in context. Add sorting rules.

Values for override

Set new values for any object class properties in the duplicate object(s).

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