PDF reader

This UI component is an inline PDF Reader used to display the content of PDF files.

A full example setup of a PDF Reader is available in our Showroom! You may view a demo, as well as access the setup in Appfarm Create. If you do not have access, you may register here.


A PDF Reader allows you to preview a PDF document that you either generated in your app by using Generate document or uploaded from your device using Open URL.

The data source holding the document needs to be of type File Object Class, and it has to be of Cardinality: One.

Are you having trouble displaying a PDF? The PDF reader sometimes needs to have a fixed width or height, or it must explicitly be set to stretch horizontally. The UI Component is not able to calculate its own width or height based on the content.

Built-in properties


In this section, you data-bind the File Content property of the File Object Data Source that holds the document you wish to preview.

Default view-mode

This setting gives us two options:

  • Continuous: Gives you the ability to scroll over all the pages of the document in preview

  • Single page: Only one page is visible per time, but we can still shift in between pages if the Nav Toolbar is enabled

Page Fit

Here we can set up the default preview to fit either the Height or Width of the document.

Notice that you can always zoom in and out, as well as scroll vertically or horizontally if the document's size overflows or is of a different landscape than the PDF Reader.

Enable Nav Toolbar

A checkbox that enables a bottom line overview of the number of pages, as well as arrows for switching pages of the document in preview.

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