Export data

The action node Export Data is used to export data from a Data Source to CSV.

The action node supports exporting data from a Data Source row by row, as well as aggregation of data (e.g. export the number of sales per department).

An example setup of Export Data is showcased in our Showroom! You may view a demo, as well as access the setup in Appfarm Create. If you do not have access, you may register here.


File Name

Set a name for the exported file. The file type will always be .csv.


Specify which delimiter to use in the file, i.e. the character that marks the end of the data. The default value is a comma (,), but you can set whatever you want (e.g. ;)

Wrap strings in quotes

If you want to wrap strings in quotes (e.g. "some text").

Data Source

Select the Data Source you want to export data from.

Row grouping

If you want to group the data on a row basis, select a Row grouping property. If you do not select a row grouping each data object in the Data Source will result in a row in the exported file.

Button Add all columns will add all the Object Class Properties (and runtime properties) of the selected Data Source as Static Columns. Reference properties will only be added if the refered Object Classes have a Display Property set. Example: Adding all columns for Data Source Contacts (having a reference Contact.Company) will add Contact.Company.Name as a columns if the Object Class Company has Name as Display Property.

Static columns

Set up the columns you want to display in the export. This can be columns with text or some sort of aggregated value. The aggregated values are set up by selecting a property with datatype Float or Integer and specifying an aggregation function. If you leave the column blank it will display the count of the objects in the row.

Data Column

If you want to group data on a column basis and display one column per data property item, you can select a Column Property under Data Column.

Column Headers

Define the information you want to display as header rows per data column. This is typically information about the Column Property.

Value Property

Add a Value Property to display in the rows per column, and optionally select an aggregation function. If none is selected Count will be used.


The action node lets you choose between two target types:

  1. Download immediately downloads the file directly

  2. Add to file lets you add the file to a File Data Source

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