Context Parameters

Context Parameters is a concept of having parameters that are not defined in the App Data section. For instance, when iterating some Data Source, you may want to access to iteration number inside the For-each Action Node.

There are 2 types of Context Parameters: Action Parameters and Iterator Parameters.

Action Parameters

Action Params are parameters that may be set up per Action. These Parameters may be used for the logic inside an Action, and you may send values into these Parameters when the Action is triggered (e.g. from Event Handlers in the User Interfaces).


You may see a video on Action Parameters here.


You may read our documentation here.

Iterator Parameters

Iterator Params are built-in parameters available for expressing logic inside iterating construction - such as inside the For-each Action Node, or inside an iterating Container in your User Interfaces. For instance, you may set up a Visibility Condition inside an iterating Container to only display an UI Component in the first iteration (for the first row).


You may see a video on Iterator Parameters here.

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