Configure unauthenticated access

Open your app to the general public by configuring unauthenticated access.

When you create a new app in Appfarm Create, it is configured by default to require authentication. If a user loads the app and they are not logged in, they will be presented with the login screen. To allow users to access your app without logging in, you need to configure unauthenticated access.

Best practice

Separate “authenticated” and “unauthenticated” functionality into different apps.

If you have some functionality which should be open to the public and other functionality (e.g. an admin dashboard) that is restricted to authenticated users, we recommend building these as distinct apps. This way it is easier to maintain data security and you avoid having to write extra logic to handle the authentication status of a given user.


In the video below, a deprecated option is shown. Previously you were required to select the "Public Access" checkbox in App settings. This option has since been removed and is no longer required.

Follow the checklist below to configure unauthenticated access.


  • Under Roles, create a new Role for unauthenticated users. Check the environment(s) for which you want to grant access.

  • Under Permissions, grant the newly created Role:

    • Access to your public app within Apps

    • Access (likely read-only) to the necessary Object Classes

  • Under Service Accounts create a new Account and assign it the new Role. This will be used as the underlying account for all unauthenticated users.

  • Under Environments Config, within each Environment that you want to open to the public, check “Unauthenticated Access” under Application Security and then select the Service Account you just created.

Since the changes involve updated permissions you will need to deploy for these changes to take effect.

Example An example of an app with unauthenticated access is available in our Showroom. Check out the setup of the Sign Up app in Appfarm Create. Don't have access? Register.

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