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Service logs

For debugging services you can launch the service logs which provide a realtime log of actions in running services. This can help you determine if a specific action node is failing as it processes data and view your own custom log messages as an action runs.
Service logs are not available in Production.


To open the service logs, either:
  • Visit the URL, or
  • Under Services, click Service Logs for the relevant environment.
Once the page is open, launch the developer tools console in your browser. In Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, the keyboard shortcut is Command + Option + J (Mac) or Control + Shift + J (Windows).


Once the service logs are open, you can either wait for a scheduled call or use the API explorer to call an endpoint. The service logs will then print out a log of the action run by the endpoint. The log includes the action nodes executed and finally a log on whether the action completed successfully or failed.