Find references

Find references is a tool for quickly identifying which other elements an element is connected to in Appfarm Create. For example, to see which views and actions rely on a specific data source.

As you build a solution you will connect different types of elements in Appfarm Create. An object class will be exposed to an app through a data source, and that data source will be used in various views and actions.

If you wish to delete or change an element, such as altering the filter on a data source, it is important to know where in app the data source is used to ensure there are no unintended consequences. Using Find references you can quickly review where it's used – or if it's used at all.


To find references on an element:

  • Right-click on an element and select Find References. A pane will open at the bottom of the screen with a list of references.

  • Click a reference to be taken directly to that element inside Appfarm Create.

Good to know

  1. When you delete an element Find references is run automatically in the background. If the check reveals that the element is in use, the Find references panel will be displayed with an error message.

  2. App Health uses Find references to identify elements that are not in use. You can use this as a way to clean up elements that you no longer need.

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